Prophecies of the New Inti

Maria Monachesi (Karikuy)

Prophecy as Part of an Educational Model

The great principles of the ancestral Andean wisdom have been transmitted through prophecy. From these we can construct an educational model which, in a renewed and more accessible way, becomes again valid in this cycle that we are just beginning.

Prophecies are a pathway, a warning, and a revelation when they present a future reality as a possibility. They are a prognosis that expresses to us a particular future that will come true if we continue with the same, unaltered course of action. We could say that they help us to take the helm of our lives, in order to rethink our behaviour. Therefore, the art of prophecy is very close to true education. Education should teach us to extricate ourselves from the present moment, such that we can begin to weave a future—individually and collectively—that is amazing, causal, and full of magic. True education should help us to see our future fulfilled in the way that we want, and to make a reality from what we desire.

The global or collective prophecies arrive at the present as part of a cultural legacy. This type of prophecy not only affects a culture or human society, but involves us all. Andean spirituality has in prophecy an important part of its rich cultural heritage. These prophecies are conceived by those that are blessed with the gift and the virtue of possessing a vision capable of crossing the barriers of space and time, a vision that we call premonition or clairvoyance.

However, nowadays, the possibility to see and to prophesy is available to anyone who has a spiritual journey or commitment, not to only the initiated few. The ability to access the future from the present, and to change our course of action in order to see the future fulfilled in the way that we want and not in the way prophesied, is part of the new evolutionary characteristics of the New Human Being. They are abilities that are developed in some more naturally and with more clarity, but for which we are all activated since our consciousness is entering a new cycle and expanding.

The new model of education proposes an integration of man and woman, who will be participants in the organic system of the Earth, and consciously united with all of Nature. They should be anchored to the Earth, and at the same time capable of connecting with the stars. They should be able to plunge into their internal universe, as well as the external, in order to awaken to wisdom.

On the path to this integral education of the New Human Being, we are presented with the challenge of personal recovery. Curing ourselves is a necessary task, if we really desire to transcend negative thoughts and emotions, and recover our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This process is a path that our will must learn to follow constantly and uninterruptedly until we can become the complete beings that we really are.

Be Hardworking, Be Honest, Be Truthful, and Be Loyal

The Andes and its indigenous peoples accompany us in this new period, and they do so under the name of Tawantinsuyu (the name of an ancient Inca confederacy). With their rebirth and expansion, the moment will come in which prophecy becomes part of our everyday life. The prophecies will cease to be warnings that try to prevent us from creating undesirable futures, and they will become:

  • A new perception of reality, which will offer answers to anyone who chooses the path, for individuals or all of humanity.
  • A new way of living, applying interpersonal skills that have been submerged under the pressures of the age of the mind and materialism. A way of living that puts special emphasis on respect towards all existence, all living beings, and all of Nature. This is how we will learn to recognise life as sacred, and not something that can be profaned.
  • A new manner of perception, deeper than the use of the mind, allowing other intelligences (emotional, spiritual) to reign, and the use of the senses in a more complete and conscious way.
  • A new way of creation, focused on the intention to realise our dreams, trusting in the qualities which we embody as co-creators of the Universe.
  • A new way of loving, unconditionally, freely, seeing reflected in all our relations with others the links between the different aspects that comprise our own Self.

The teacher Evaristo Pfuture Consa provides a synthesis of this “new way” to be, think, and act. He says: “*One must try the gold dust which is Andean culture. But when humanity puts to the test the four principles of human wisdom: be hardworking, be honest, be loyal, and be truthful—everything will be mended; there are no other laws.*”

Beyond the origin of these maxims, when they are institutionalised, a culture can take root that will later transcend them in clarity of form and content. This will also allow them to express the essence of a living spirituality rooted in everyday deeds. The greatness is found in their marvellous simplicity, which increases in meaning when they are applied with discipline and awareness. These principles, in Quechua language, are: Ama Quella (be hardworking),* Ama Suwa* (be honest), Ama Llulla (be truthful) y Ama Hap’a (be loyal).

The Meeting of the Condor, the Eagle and the *Quetzal*

Condor from the village of Urcos.

Condor from the village of Urcos.

The Condor appears in the village of Urcos. The Sky of Tawantinsuyu is enjoying becoming a symbol of our planetary firmament, of a developing revelation, such that our Inti (Sun) becomes transformed into the Universal Inti. A renewed warmth has its origin in the Andes, but it will reach the entire world in the end. Truth is told in various languages and every fragment is a note that concludes a perfect piece of music. We are all included in this harmony. We will travel by the compass of a new energy, allowing the sound to echo in the most remote places of the Pachamama.

Today my heart perceives the prophecy of the union of the Condor, the Eagle and the Quetzal, with a dynamic realism, a living plan, a growing communicative happening. The indigenous peoples of America, through their sacred birds, embrace the community of wisdom that they share, and proudly express the contributions that differentiate and enrich them. This is a practice to be emulated and expanded to realise the transformation of our social, economic and political systems.

The birth of a great universal community is the prophecy that lies hidden in the heart of the birds that advance in majestic flight to meet with their sisters. It is a call that has been heard. The pilgrims have begun their journey. Many are already there, at the meeting place. The seed of Tawantinsuyu has begun to grow in many consciousnesses all over the world.

Time Travellers

Never before on Earth has such a combination of energies (space+time+light) existed as in “this cycle”. The Incas knew of it and prepared time capsules and energy vortices which are being discovered in various sites in Latin America. These time capsules take various forms. One, for example, is that of the children of Yuyay Yaku, which, despite its unfortunate discovery and desecration, still maintained much of its miraculous legacy after sleeping for more than 500 years. Other capsules are the sun discs distributed all over the planet, and the many special sacred places that still preserve their initiation and healing powers, and which are being called into service in this era of light.

We are facing a really unique opportunity for personal and collective transformation in Latin America. A large part of the teachings, principles, values and new science are the legacy of our Andean ancestors and of the great Incan civilisation. The indigenous peoples are coming back to show us what we are capable of; to remind us how to restart on the true path and again create Heaven on Earth. We are here to see the rebirth of Tawantinsuyu in all its splendour.

We will be silent. We will listen to the waira (wind) with our hearts. We will breathe deeply, looking towards the sky to see and feel the birth of a New Sun.

Translated from its original in Spanish by Joanne Craven