Latin América - The next civilization

A new civilisation is being born in Latin America, one that will live on for approximately 5,100 years, experimenting three cycles of 1,700 years each. During the first, they will fusion cultural knowledge of previous civilisations but without producing anything genuinely of its own. During the second cycle, this hybridised civilisation will produce its own, original contribution. Whereas the third, would consist of the nostalgic rebirth of that which was achieved during the previous two cycles.

Prophecies of the New Inti

A new year began. A year, 2013, in which we celebrated for the first time the Inti Raymi -the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere- under the light of a New Sun. This allows us to begin a completely new cycle, a cycle that has come to our times from the hands of a large number of prophecies.

The Prophecy

“The major arcana of the Tarot deck include the 17th Arcanum, called 'The Star', which portrays a naked woman pouring water from two jugs, with a 16-point star shining in the center of the heavens and an observing ibis perched on the crown of a tree. This Arcanum symbolizes the wisdom and vision of a new future. It announces the dawn, and is associated with Aquarius, the water bearer."