Andean Matrix of Life

The Andean world has a vertical and horizontal view of life. From the vertical view, the world unfolds in two spheres 'Ukhu Pacha', the world of below or of the Earth, and 'Hanan Pacha', the world of above or of the cosmos. From the complementarity between the two was born a third world, known as 'Kay Pacha', the world of here and now.

AYNI - Natural Law of Reciprocity

Ayni can be translated as ‘reciprocity'. In this view, it is similar to the popular saying, 'You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.' However, ayni is not just reciprocity, for it is much more. Reciprocity is a relative term, but if we add the concept of 'natural law' then we are implying that it is always accomplished, in one way or another. That is, the Universe always tallies the accounts in such a way that we always end up giving in accordance with what we have received or receiving in accordance with what we have given.

The Toltec Warrior

For the Toltecs, this is not our real home. It is only a step towards eternal life.


When we communicate from the heart and feel within the truth that beats like a heart, words become what in our circle we call ‘corazonar’, this is, 'to feel with the heart instead of just reasoning’. This makes us feel that a superior intelligence is guiding us lovingly, and we are able to allow things to simply happen.

Mitote - The Dream of Reality

What we call reality is a consensus dream, a dream that we share. It is like joining in circles and holding hands to dance. Understanding this is the first condition to modify that dream.

The Quincunx. Toltecayotl

If we could define in a single word the meaning of Toltecayotl, a term that sums up such a complex and profound system of thought and action, it would be ‘balance’. Indeed, the ancient Toltecs sought, through different paths, the art of living in harmony.