Current Imbalances

“In order to restore a state of dynamic social balance (social homeostasis), we must (1) ‘envelop' the the land rather than aiming at developing it; (2) stabilise the economic system, instead of pretending that it is possible to grow forever, because by definition and common sense, perpetual growth is unsustainable; (3) establish a system based on generosity to create abundance, instead of founding it on greed, which ultimately leads to scarcity; and finally, (4) emphasise the feminine attributes of ‘collaboration', ‘spontaneity', and ‘intuition' rather than the masculine ones of ‘competition', ‘formality' and ‘rationality'"

The Indigenous Worldview

It is a frigidly cold night in this Eurocentric civilization. The cities of civilization are an assault on Mother Earth and the citizens are not happy. It appears that people have been trained to be unhappy. After all, unhappy people are good consumers. Nevertheless, all is not lost. Nightfall always brings a new dawn and that day has arrived. Today, we leave the silence and grasp our identity. We are Indians standing up for peace. We want to keep living on Mother Earth so we approach the white man and tell him, 'It is urgent that you learn to live, learn to walk with reverence, and learn to let love rule your life.'

Anatomy of Change

This article starts by describing five degrees for achieving change. Then it proposes the need for a common set of laws of thought to be adopted by humanity for attaining balance within ourselves, with Nature and among societies. They shall be a set of principles centred on the relationships between beings, things and ideas rather than on trying to perceive their essence. They stand from the proposition that it the connection of one thing to another that defines it essence, with each type of connection having its own way of expressing balance.