The name Urus is of Indo-European origin and it means ‘a place where the water springs’.

Through living in other countries, Urus has associated with many different cultures and ways of thinking; especially with those he calls ‘earth people’. From them he has learned a different way of reasoning, and discovered that the future of the planet depends on our ability to learn what such cultures have to offer.

As an author he writes about spirituality and new tendencies, developing and intermingling genres, making use of both narrative and essay writing. He tries to understand and experience things for himself in order to build bridges, both to unify different cultures and spiritual traditions across the globe, and help visualise a better future.

Possessed by Time

Space and time are dual concepts. This means that they are like the two sides of the same coin—they are the same but seen from two different points of view. It is because of this that many cultures applied the same concept to refer to both.

Current Imbalances

“In order to restore a state of dynamic social balance (social homeostasis), we must (1) ‘envelop' the the land rather than aiming at developing it; (2) stabilise the economic system, instead of pretending that it is possible to grow forever, because by definition and common sense, perpetual growth is unsustainable; (3) establish a system based on generosity to create abundance, instead of founding it on greed, which ultimately leads to scarcity; and finally, (4) emphasise the feminine attributes of ‘collaboration', ‘spontaneity', and ‘intuition' rather than the masculine ones of ‘competition', ‘formality' and ‘rationality'"

Anatomy of Change

This article starts by describing five degrees for achieving change. Then it proposes the need for a common set of laws of thought to be adopted by humanity for attaining balance within ourselves, with Nature and among societies. They shall be a set of principles centred on the relationships between beings, things and ideas rather than on trying to perceive their essence. They stand from the proposition that it the connection of one thing to another that defines it essence, with each type of connection having its own way of expressing balance.

New Laws of Thought

“Harmonising Virtues and Defects"

“What is the relationship between duality, complementarity and opposition? What is the relationship that exists between the ideas of virtue and defect, and how can it be harmonised?"

Latin América - The next civilization

A new civilisation is being born in Latin America, one that will live on for approximately 5,100 years, experimenting three cycles of 1,700 years each. During the first, they will fusion cultural knowledge of previous civilisations but without producing anything genuinely of its own. During the second cycle, this hybridised civilisation will produce its own, original contribution. Whereas the third, would consist of the nostalgic rebirth of that which was achieved during the previous two cycles.

Calendars of Wisdom

“The Universe dances to the rhythm of the cycles, which the diverse cultures of the Anahuac―such as the Olmec, the Maya, the Aztecs, the Zapotecs, the Hopi and the Apache―were experts in calculating. They observed how the solar cycle lasted approximately 364 days (13 × 28); that Mercury reached its point closest to the Earth every 117 days (13 × 9); that Venus came closest to us every 584 days (13 × 45); and that Mars appeared opposite the Sun in the sky every 780 days (13 × 60). Each of these cycles, known as synodic cycles, are divisible by thirteen, a prime number. This is why their week was thirteen days long."

The mystic bliss

This post aims at describing the experience of spiritual bliss in order to help us understand it. Once understood, to be able to experience it consciously instead of unconsciously we need to perceive it as something ordinary instead of extraordinary. Spiritual bliss is something we experience every night in deep sleep, all of us, with no exception

AYNI - Natural Law of Reciprocity

Ayni can be translated as ‘reciprocity'. In this view, it is similar to the popular saying, 'You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.' However, ayni is not just reciprocity, for it is much more. Reciprocity is a relative term, but if we add the concept of 'natural law' then we are implying that it is always accomplished, in one way or another. That is, the Universe always tallies the accounts in such a way that we always end up giving in accordance with what we have received or receiving in accordance with what we have given.

Cosmic Cycles & Eras

“The official version of history states that 20,000 years ago we were still living as hunters and gatherers. It says that the first urban settlements did not spread until five to ten thousand years ago. On the other hand, others talk of very old civilisations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. These two versions of the past represent two extreme interpretations and, as often happens, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle."

Mitote - The Dream of Reality

What we call reality is a consensus dream, a dream that we share. It is like joining in circles and holding hands to dance. Understanding this is the first condition to modify that dream.

To Die is to Dream

The wise say, 'As above, so below; as below, so above’. This makes the Universe an immense fractal. A fractal is a structure whose pattern is repeated on different scales, meaning that whatever is on the large scale appears to us on the minuscule scale, and vice versa.

The Pillars of a New Era

This article supports the notion that the precession of the equinox is a 26,000 year cycle connected to the evolution of human consciousness. The cycle is divided in five Eras of around 5,200 years each one.The novelty of the article is the idea that each Era is sustained upon three pillars, which start manifesting in the last 500 years of the precedent Era.

Sacred Time

Time is a spinning spiral, with longer cycles that correlate to shorter ones as if they corresponded to the same note in different octaves.

The Prophecy

“The major arcana of the Tarot deck include the 17th Arcanum, called 'The Star', which portrays a naked woman pouring water from two jugs, with a 16-point star shining in the center of the heavens and an observing ibis perched on the crown of a tree. This Arcanum symbolizes the wisdom and vision of a new future. It announces the dawn, and is associated with Aquarius, the water bearer."

Spiritual Axis of the World II

“In the first part of this article, the Andean and Tantric world views were compared. The second part compares the Andean with the Taoist. And just as Taoism produced the I-Ching, at the end of the article the Kuya Inka are introduced, which also consists of 64 permutations, such as the number of codons in the DNA."

Spiritual Axis of the World

“The Himalayas and the Andes create a planetary spiritual axis. The tantric Sri Yantra and the Andean Chakana show us such a relationship. From its detailed analysis we observe that in the complementarity defined by both, the Andes symbolize the female spiritual axis and the Himalayas the masculine"

Chump Inka - Andrean Pranic Healing

This article begins with a comparative study between the tantric concept of the chakra and its equivalent in the Andean cosmovision. Then, it continues with the explanation of an energy healing technique practiced in the Andes to heal and activate the different energy centers of the subtle body.