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24 February, 2017

Harmonising Virtues and Defects

Did you know that hate is the dual of love and not its opposite? It is the other side of the same coin.
13 December, 2016

Innocence in Experience

The evolution of the soul passes through three stages: innocence, experience, and a third, innocence in experience
30 August, 2016

The Mystic Bliss

Mystic bliss is something we experience every night in deep sleep. Once we understand that, we can start becoming aware of it.
8 January, 2016

Calendars of Wisdom

The Universe dances to the rhythm of the cycles, which the diverse cultures of the Anahuac―such as the Olmec, the Maya, the Aztecs, the Zapotecs, the Hopi and the Apache―were experts in calculating.
15 August, 2014

The Prophecy

We have just entered the Age of Aquarius. If this were the Age of Leo, we would be able to wait for that messianic and charismatic leader who would guide and help us all. Aquarius, however, instructs us not to rely on one leader but on the power of the group.
4 May, 2014

To Die is to Dream

Death and sleep are two experiences related by the principle of correspondence, which means that are catarterized by the same phases. Thus the understanding of one helps to understand the other.
18 March, 2014

Moto C Genuine Review: See Design, Prices, Specifications, Ratings

From Lenovo/Motorola there are very modest smartphones, which we loved in the test halfway exceptionally well. With the Moto C, the organization […]
6 March, 2014

Ayni, the natural law of reciprocity

The Andean civilisation had no use for money. Instead they applied the principle reciprocity. This article reasons how based on this, the so believed Andean golden rules: do not steal, do not be lazy and do not lie, were not really Andean but were imported by the newcomers, who in their case had a need for them.
19 February, 2014

Cosmic Cycles & Eras

This article reasons how 20,000 years ago, instead of being Palaeolithic hunters and gatherers living in caves, we were organised as civilisations, living mostly by the sea, not far from the Equator, and in the mist of a Golden Age.
7 December, 2013


There was a time when we only declared in words what we wanted to express, while if we simply wanted to communicate something, we did it with our thoughts. Nowadays we communicate with words, and we hope to manifest by keeping quiet. This type of communication has constrained us to the limits imposed by language.
29 April, 2013

Mitote: the Dream of Reality

That which we call ‘reality’ is a dream of consensus, a dream that we share, as when we hold each other’s hands in a circle to dance. Before we can change reality, we must understand the elusive nature of that dream.
25 March, 2013

Troubleshoot System and Compressed Memory High CPU Usage

This unreasonable utilisation of memory by the system and compressed memory of Windows 10 that even surpasses 1GB of RAM isn’t new, […]
6 March, 2013

Possessed by Time

Time and space are dual concepts. In a duality when we try to possess one of the dual terms, we end up possessed by the other. This article shows how the desire to possess the land (space) has made of time our ruler. We own the land, but nowadays nobody has time.
24 November, 2012

The Pillars of a New Era

Eras last for 5 thousand years and we are about to start a new one. Each Era is built upon three pillars. The one that just ending was built on the writing, money and the wheel. Over which pillars do you reckon is built the one that is about to start and what will happen with the previous ones?
12 October, 2012

Current Imbalances

Language is the blueprint of a society and the current one is biased towards the masculine attributes of competition, rationality and formality. To bring back balance we require to elevate the feminine complementaries of collaboration, intuition and spontaneity.
17 August, 2012

Sacred Time

Time flows like a spiral, creating circles that don't determine our actions but do influence us. Amongst these cycles we find an equivalent to the solar year, to the four seasons, to the lunar month, to the day and even to the hour. We shall now examine the nature of these cycles.