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30 April, 2018

The Anatomy of Change

This article describes the five degrees at which change can be attained and how it can be best induced.
24 February, 2017

Harmonising Virtues and Defects

Did you know that hate is the dual of love and not its opposite? It is the other side of the same coin.
13 December, 2016

Innocence in Experience

The evolution of the soul passes through three stages: innocence, experience, and a third, innocence in experience
30 August, 2016

The Mystic Bliss

Mystic bliss is something we experience every night in deep sleep. Once we understand that, we can start becoming aware of it.

Workshops and Talks

  • Date
    4 July, 2016
    During this workshop participants learn how to use the «Khuyas», a set of 17 power stones, and use them to identify and remove the mental tendencies imprinted in our subtle body.
  • Date
    11 July, 2016
    Dream yoga is not just a technique for lucid dreaming and astral projecting. It is more a technique to help us witness the elusive nature of the mind. When this elusiveness is witnessed, comes the realisation of our true nature.
  • Date
    24 June, 2016
    During this workshop participants learn how to use a set of Power Stones called «Chumpi Khuyas» to reenergise the vital body (poq'po); to open and cleanse the chakras (ñawis) and to infuse the subtle body with higher vibrational energy (sami).
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