Crisis of Consciousness

Understanding the need for change requires to put in perspective our current social model first, then the relationship it defines with the environment and finally the subordination of both to the prevailing economic system.

The Return of the Ancient

Given the current crisis of values, the question is: With which ones shall we replace them? This arises the need to recover ancestral wisdom, not to replace the current knowledge, but to complement it, by combining past and present, so that we can continue moving towards the future.


Combining past and present is the only way to advance to the future, given the spiral shape of spacetime, with a past that repeats itself, but never exactly the same. In that spiral, time is expressed in cycles inserted in larger cycles, and space as bubbles nested in larger ones. Hence, to see the future as a mere projection of the present, take us out on the tangent.

Cultural Bridges

The return of the ancient is important, but insufficient. We must also build bridges between cultures, so that from the acceptance of what is foreign, we can expand our own understanding. They are bridges in time, towards a past future, and in space, towards the other.

Prophecies of the Reunion

Many prophecies speak of this, of humanity abandoning the condition of 'caterpillar', to finally become butterfly.

New Laws of Thought

The butterfly is not a caterpillar with wings, but an entirely different organism. To attain such metamorphosis requires us to start changing the way we reason and connect ideas.