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Comparative Spirituality

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17 August, 2012

Sacred Time

Time flows like a spiral, creating circles that don't determine our actions but do influence us. Amongst these cycles we find an equivalent to the solar year, to the four seasons, to the lunar month, to the day and even to the hour. We shall now examine the nature of these cycles.
6 August, 2012

Andean Pranic Healing

This article starts by suggesting the Quechuan equivalent to some words used in yoga to described the subtle body. It then explains briefly what is Andean Pranic Healing (Chumpi Inca) and its objectives.
12 July, 2012

Spiritual Axis of the World (part 2)

In Part I of this article, the Andean and Tantric cosmologies were compared. In this second part, the Andean cosmology is set side by side with the Taoist one in order to find out their commonalities and what differentiates them.
11 July, 2012

Spiritual Axis of the World

The Himalayas and the Andes create a planetary spiritual axis. The tantric Sri Yancha and the Andean Chakana demonstrate this relationship. Upon detailed analysis, we observe that the Andes symbolize the feminine spiritual axis and the Himalayas symbolize the masculine, both with defined polarities.