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26 October, 2013

Prophecies of the New Inti

The great principles of the ancestral Andean wisdom have been transmitted through prophecy. From these we can construct an educational model which, in a renewed and more accessible way, becomes again valid in this cycle that we are just beginning.
24 June, 2013


When we communicate from the heart and feel within the truth that beats like a heart, words become what we in our circle call "corazonar". More than reasoning, it is an understanding from the heart. This makes us feel that a superior intelligence is guiding us lovingly, and we are able to allow things to simply happen.
29 April, 2013

Mitote: the Dream of Reality

That which we call ‘reality’ is a dream of consensus, a dream that we share, as when we hold each other’s hands in a circle to dance. Before we can change reality, we must understand the elusive nature of that dream.
6 March, 2013

Possessed by Time

Time and space are dual concepts. In a duality when we try to possess one of the dual terms, we end up possessed by the other. This article shows how the desire to possess the land (space) has made of time our ruler. We own the land, but nowadays nobody has time.
24 November, 2012

The Pillars of a New Era

Eras last for 5 thousand years and we are about to start a new one. Each Era is built upon three pillars. The one that just ending was built on the writing, money and the wheel. Over which pillars do you reckon is built the one that is about to start and what will happen with the previous ones?
12 October, 2012

Current Imbalances

Language is the blueprint of a society and the current one is biased towards the masculine attributes of competition, rationality and formality. To bring back balance we require to elevate the feminine complementaries of collaboration, intuition and spontaneity.
17 September, 2012


The Toltecayotl symbolizes the ‘balance between the spiritual and material aspects of the world, as well as the intuitive and the rational. This is expressed through the ‘harmonic encounter’ of four butterflies. As the butterflies take flight, the divine breath from the center detaches the spirit from its earthly bonds in order to lift it up to heaven.
17 August, 2012

Sacred Time

Time flows like a spiral, creating circles that don't determine our actions but do influence us. Amongst these cycles we find an equivalent to the solar year, to the four seasons, to the lunar month, to the day and even to the hour. We shall now examine the nature of these cycles.
6 August, 2012

Andean Pranic Healing

This article starts by suggesting the Quechuan equivalent to some words used in yoga to described the subtle body. It then explains briefly what is Andean Pranic Healing (Chumpi Inca) and its objectives.
12 July, 2012

Spiritual Axis of the World (part 2)

In Part I of this article, the Andean and Tantric cosmologies were compared. In this second part, the Andean cosmology is set side by side with the Taoist one in order to find out their commonalities and what differentiates them.
11 July, 2012

Spiritual Axis of the World

The Himalayas and the Andes create a planetary spiritual axis. The tantric Sri Yancha and the Andean Chakana demonstrate this relationship. Upon detailed analysis, we observe that the Andes symbolize the feminine spiritual axis and the Himalayas symbolize the masculine, both with defined polarities.