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6. The ten beliefs to change

As we find ourselves, we begin to identify ten beliefs as inaccurate. They constitute ten deeply rooted beliefs in the so-called "modern" society, which we have considered to be great truths, but it is hight time we change them. Mastay's proposal is to change them for others that are not new but much older, those that always maintained the ancestral cultures of the planet. It will be then, from that combination between present and past, how we will achieve the evolutionary leap towards the future.

30 April, 2018

The Anatomy of Change

This article describes the five degrees at which change can be attained and how it can be best induced.
19 February, 2014

Cosmic Cycles & Eras

This article reasons how 20,000 years ago, instead of being Palaeolithic hunters and gatherers living in caves, we were organised as civilisations, living mostly by the sea, not far from the Equator, and in the mist of a Golden Age.
24 November, 2012

The Pillars of a New Era

Eras last for 5 thousand years and we are about to start a new one. Each Era is built upon three pillars. The one that just ending was built on the writing, money and the wheel. Over which pillars do you reckon is built the one that is about to start and what will happen with the previous ones?
17 August, 2012

Sacred Time

Time flows like a spiral, creating circles that don't determine our actions but do influence us. Amongst these cycles we find an equivalent to the solar year, to the four seasons, to the lunar month, to the day and even to the hour. We shall now examine the nature of these cycles.