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2. Return of the Ancient

In the face of our current crisis of values, the question remains: which other values should we replace these for? This creates the need to recover ancient wisdom; not in order to take the place of our current knowledge, but rather to complement it, so that, by combining past and present, we can progress into the future. This is how life evolves: by adding what is current to what existed before, so that the future unfolds by the magic of that union. It is a pattern known in nature as the Fibonacci sequence.

8 January, 2016

Calendars of Wisdom

The Universe dances to the rhythm of the cycles, which the diverse cultures of the Anahuac―such as the Olmec, the Maya, the Aztecs, the Zapotecs, the Hopi and the Apache―were experts in calculating.
20 March, 2015

The Indigenous Worldview

From our worldview we summon all the children of Mother Earth to celebrate the unity in diversity. Only then can we say that the dawn of hope has arrived.
2 September, 2014

Andean Matrix of Life

The Andean world has a vertical and horizontal view of life. From the vertical view unfolds the Upper World and the Underworld. From the horizontal view another complementarity takes place, that between masculine and feminine.
6 March, 2014

Ayni, the natural law of reciprocity

The Andean civilisation had no use for money. Instead they applied the principle reciprocity. This article reasons how based on this, the so believed Andean golden rules: do not steal, do not be lazy and do not lie, were not really Andean but were imported by the newcomers, who in their case had a need for them.
17 December, 2013

The Toltec Warrior

In a world in which physical matter is fleeting and ephemeral, and the subsequent reality belongs to the spiritual realm, the conscious human being faces life like a battle, fought in order to move on toward the spiritual plane, where the soul is immortal. Such was the Toltec view.
17 September, 2012


The Toltecayotl symbolizes the ‘balance between the spiritual and material aspects of the world, as well as the intuitive and the rational. This is expressed through the ‘harmonic encounter’ of four butterflies. As the butterflies take flight, the divine breath from the center detaches the spirit from its earthly bonds in order to lift it up to heaven.