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4. Prophecies of the Reunion

This will represent the awakening of our true humanity and the abandonment of our previous condition as caterpillars, time at which we were imprisoned by greed, hate and the fear that comes from them. This new awakening will be the spring that has been prophesied by many cultures, among these the Anahuac, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Chinese, Western and Andean. In the Andes, this new awakening is represented by the prophecy of the Mastay, which foretells the reintegration of people of the four directions.

22 July, 2018

Latin America : the next civilization

En Latinoamérica está naciendo una nueva civilización, la cual perdurará a lo largo de aproximadamente 5.100 años, en el transcurso de los cuales va a experimentar tres ciclos de 1.700 años cada uno.
15 August, 2014

The Prophecy

We have just entered the Age of Aquarius. If this were the Age of Leo, we would be able to wait for that messianic and charismatic leader who would guide and help us all. Aquarius, however, instructs us not to rely on one leader but on the power of the group.
26 October, 2013

Prophecies of the New Inti

The great principles of the ancestral Andean wisdom have been transmitted through prophecy. From these we can construct an educational model which, in a renewed and more accessible way, becomes again valid in this cycle that we are just beginning.
24 November, 2012

The Pillars of a New Era

Eras last for 5 thousand years and we are about to start a new one. Each Era is built upon three pillars. The one that just ending was built on the writing, money and the wheel. Over which pillars do you reckon is built the one that is about to start and what will happen with the previous ones?