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1. Crisis of Consciousness

In order to understand the urgent need for change, we shall start by putting our existing social and economic models into perspective. The current crisis is not just systemic but first and foremost, a crisis of consciousness. This defines a narrow ethical framework, bringing about a set of distorted beliefs. Such beliefs encourage selfish values that sustain a materialistic paradigm from which we acquire limited knowledge, encouraging a system that alienates us more than it liberates us. All together, it calls for the need to change our narrow ethical framework, distorted beliefs, selfish values, materialistic paradigms, limiting knowledge, and indeed our system. But above all, it compels us to raise our current level of consciousness.

29 July, 2018

New Laws of Thought

The laws of thought in so-called “modern society” come from the Civilizations of Fire which are 2,500 years old. Now, it  is perhaps time that these were replaced with other thoughts which would help us restore balance.
7 December, 2013


There was a time when we only declared in words what we wanted to express, while if we simply wanted to communicate something, we did it with our thoughts. Nowadays we communicate with words, and we hope to manifest by keeping quiet. This type of communication has constrained us to the limits imposed by language.
6 March, 2013

Possessed by Time

Time and space are dual concepts. In a duality when we try to possess one of the dual terms, we end up possessed by the other. This article shows how the desire to possess the land (space) has made of time our ruler. We own the land, but nowadays nobody has time.
12 October, 2012

Current Imbalances

Language is the blueprint of a society and the current one is biased towards the masculine attributes of competition, rationality and formality. To bring back balance we require to elevate the feminine complementaries of collaboration, intuition and spontaneity.