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5. The Art of Finding Ourselves

From that center we contemplate ourselves as who we really are: musicians, with the soul as an instrument and the physical body as a sounding board. Musicians playing in the cosmic orchestra of life. The art of finding ourselves asks us to learn to refine and play that instrument, so that our song contributes with harmony instead of noise, to the cosmic melody.

24 February, 2017

Harmonising Virtues and Defects

Did you know that hate is the dual of love and not its opposite? It is the other side of the same coin.
13 December, 2016

Innocence in Experience

The evolution of the soul passes through three stages: innocence, experience, and a third, innocence in experience
24 June, 2013


When we communicate from the heart and feel within the truth that beats like a heart, words become what we in our circle call "corazonar". More than reasoning, it is an understanding from the heart. This makes us feel that a superior intelligence is guiding us lovingly, and we are able to allow things to simply happen.