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29 July, 2018

New Laws of Thought

The laws of thought in so-called “modern society” come from the Civilizations of Fire which are 2,500 years old. Now, it  is perhaps time that these were replaced with other thoughts which would help us restore balance.
22 July, 2018

Latin America : the next civilization

En Latinoamérica está naciendo una nueva civilización, la cual perdurará a lo largo de aproximadamente 5.100 años, en el transcurso de los cuales va a experimentar tres ciclos de 1.700 años cada uno.
30 April, 2018

The Anatomy of Change

This article describes the five degrees at which change can be attained and how it can be best induced.
24 February, 2017

Harmonising Virtues and Defects

Did you know that hate is the dual of love and not its opposite? It is the other side of the same coin.
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